Using powerful, web-based technology, a chauffeur company in the UK can link with a company located anywhere in the world.  With a challenging and rapidly changing global economy, all companies need to think ahead and investigate ways of ensuring their business can survive and compete now and into the future.

Introducing Mike Halliday, managing director or A new addition to the chauffeur drive systems network, based in Christchurch New Zealand but offering his services the length and breadth of the country.

After establishing the parent company ‘Discrete Security Ltd’ in 2011, a professional and trusted close protection service, Mike decided that there was a need for a high-quality service in the private chauffeuring industry.  Therefore, after months of researching the industry was born, to complement his already burgeoning close protection business.

In the fast paced and often cut-throat chauffeuring industry, it is very much adapting to grow, or even to survive. There are so many threats from the big multi-national ride sharing and transport network providers, the small chauffeuring company needs to innovate to keep ahead.

As Mike states “With companies growing and establishing themselves, competition is heating up. Originating in a little country at the bottom of the world that receive millions of tourists every year, I realised that I had to look for a ‘booking system’ that could be adapted to our needs and requirements.  I contacted dozens of providers from around the world and after months of looking, I went back to Chauffeur Drive Systems, one of the very first people that I had contacted.  My first contact was with Gareth and although the 13-hour time difference was a challenge it was not insurmountable’.

He goes on to say ‘The system provides everything we require, from taking bookings from the UK and worldwide.  Gareth has had to be patient with me, as not being from an IT background I found that it is a lot to take in.  But we came across the use of recording the training sessions, which I could use at my leisure to guide me through the processes in my own time’.

Chauffeur Drive systems will be increasing their international network in 2019, with the introduction of CDSConnect in spring, our designated networking feature. Presently, if you use CDS, you can already partner with any company internationally.  The international company can accept, progress and invoice the job in the same way as if it was a UK partner. However, the new networking module CDSConnect will have added functionality, to improve and facilitate the networking experience.

So, follow Mike’s advice, ‘If you have not chosen a provider for your chauffeur booking system, you need advice on how upgrading your IT would benefit you, or your current system is slow and not working for you, give Chauffeur Drive Systems a call’.

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