Chauffeur Drive systems is thrilled to announce the integration of GNet – the global dispatch integration platform, into its core suite of features offered in its cloud-based chauffeuring dispatch and management platform.

GNet is the industry solution for transferring booking and trip information between global booking and management systems. Allowing the sending and receiving of reliable, real-time booking and trip information using the operators chosen booking and management systems and driver Apps.

The platform is now around 5 yrs. old, connects more than 1500 members in 45 countries across 6 continents and growing all the time.

Chauffeur Drive Systems is one of the few platforms in the UK to currently integrate with GNet enabling our users to expand their reach and connectivity across the globe. In short, it makes our users visible to all companies using GNet globally, so they can farm work in and out.

Living as we do in a world of increasingly connected business, everyone with the ambition to grow and succeed need to look beyond the local and compete in the global arena. This is especially true when faced with increasing competition from the myriad of ride hail and aggregator apps. GNet has built an innovative platform to unify and connect the premium chauffeur industry worldwide.

Through GNet we can now offer our users a global affiliate network, optimising their potential to gain more business coming from all parts of the world. The operator pre-selects operators that they would like to work with, it is not an aggregator or job pooling system, it just provides an integration link for systems to communicate.

GNet membership is free, and with CDS it is offered as a standard feature in the software package. There is a small fee per transaction after a job is completed.

This network allows our users to increase their productivity while allowing them to handle more business with the same staff, saving time and money – as we do all the work.

So how does that look?

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