Adoption of technology is a must for powering up business recovery after the covid pandemic. It is widely believed that the economic recovery will be strong, but the companies who embrace the migration from pen and diary to IT, will grab the lions share of the spoils.

Some companies don’t want to invest in IT, but at CDS we believe that cost should not be a barrier.  And our aim has always been to provide the best chauffeuring software, for any size company, anywhere in the world, at a fair cost.

I asked Colin Bennett from Drive Arrive to write a short explanation why he thinks CDS is a necessary investment, even through these tough times.

 Chauffeur Drive Systems has quite simply revolutionised my business!

I have an executive private hire chauffeuring business based in Cambridgeshire and have experienced steady growth since starting up in the middle of 2015. 

Initially doing everything manually which was time consuming, clunky, and open to errors I soon realised I needed a more automated system for my bookings. 

After monitoring chat and opinion about the various systems available via chauffeur networks on social media I soon learned that CDS was the one everyone was talking about.

Since subscribing some 2 years ago my clients absolutely love the system with the important and reassuring confirmations the system automatically spins off at every state of any hire.

Communication is key in any business and after easy configuration bookers, passengers and drivers have the necessary information right at their fingertips via email, sms, portals and even their own app to be fully briefed, updated and therefore reassured.

But here is the absolute best bit! Unlike other systems on the market the owners actively seek feedback and ideas from us, the system users and industry professionals so they can code in more useful features and functions making the whole thing ‘even’ better for everyone.

Still going above and beyond they have been holding Boot Camp workshop sessions via conference calls during the quiet COVID-19 pandemic to inspire and teach us via screen sharing. So many users have utilised the relative down time to enhance their individual configurations even more to be on a better footing when this pandemic finally lifts. Sadly, a few operators have gone out of business during the Covid Pandemic but I’m extremely confident my business is now much better placed with a brilliant and efficient booking system behind it to fill the vacuum when work does return. CDS Connect is one of the exciting features that enables other configured system users worldwide to network together free of charge. Sharing resources from likeminded professional colleagues is now just a matter of clicks on a keyboard so finding our clients trusted transport abroad for their onward travel is a breeze.

With no contract, very reasonable monthly fees and proactive owners who care about their clients this is in my opinion the best booking system around. (

The benefits for becoming a member of our CDS community are too numerous to mention, but some of the main reasons I think are.

  • Time savings on admin, improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations, making cost savings by increasing employee productivity.
  • Provides a one stop management system, from quotes, booking, dispatch, invoicing, management analysis, to name only a fraction of our features.
  • Manages and builds on passenger and partner relationships, improving client loyalty and retention as well as happy partners and drivers.
  • Provides a safe and secure booking environment for your client, being totally cloud-based there are no traces of data left on a computer, nothing is downloaded onto hardware. Comprehensive messaging options and adherence to client preferences, and vehicle tracking, gives your client total confidence and peace of mind.
  • Corporate portals, a must have for companies dealing with corporate clients, we provide portals for different sectors and situations.
  • Our bottom-up development means that our system is continuously learning from our clients to develop and evolve, we put your client at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves in our agile, creative, innovative, and progressive attitude towards our software.
  • With our international networking, this opens new market opportunities.

This is only a snapshot of our functionality, call us for a demo, and take advantage of our 60 day free trial, and get your company in position to exploit the new recovery opportunities. Take a look at our website,, give us a call 01786 611299, or send us an email info@chauffeurdrivesystems.comS