After being recommended by a colleague, CDS have evolved our business and the way we operate. The day to day operations through to invoicing and customer service, the CDS system is second to none. Our whole process is now more efficient, client friendly and technically brilliant, its brought our business into the 21st century and our chauffeurs and clients are always providing positive feedback about it. We have never looked back since we changed to this system and Gareth and Denise are both friendly, accommodating and themselves, customer focused . I would have no hesitation in recommending this system, it’s the best on the market, by a long way. If you want to learn more about Privilege Executive Cars visit the website

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Privilege Executive Cars – Paul Watson

If you are looking for a new booking system then look no further than Chauffeur Drive Systems.We have tried a couple in the past but none come up to the mark as much as CDS. Their system in easy to use covering everything you require from bookings, text alert system for passengers and clients through to Invoicing.We have been using this system for the past 3 yrs and never looked back, Highly recommend it, give it a try a see how easy it is to use. Giving you that complete professional service and look.

If you want to learn more about Transvercia Chauffeur Drive visit the website

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Bruce Coates – Transvercia

Chauffeur Drive Systems has quite simply revolutionised my business!Experiencing steady growth since the middle of 2015 I soon realised I needed a more automated system for my private hire bookings as they were previously very manual, clunky and not at all dynamic.After monitoring chat and opinion about the various systems available via chauffeur networks on social media I soon learned that CDS was the one everyone was talking about.Since subscribing some 18 months ago my clients absolutely love the system with the important and reassuring confirmations the system automatically spins off at every state of any hire. Communication is key in any business and after easy configuration bookers, passengers and drivers have the necessary information right at their fingertips via email, sms or even portals to be fully briefed, updated and therefore reassured.But, here is the absolute best bit! Unlike other systems on the market the owners actively seek feedback and ideas from us, the system uses and industry professionals so they can code in more useful features and functions making the whole thing ‘even’ better for everyone.Still going above and beyond they have been holding Boot Camp workshop sessions via conference calls during the quiet COVID-19 pandemic to inspire us via screen sharing. So many users have utilised the relative down time to enhance their individual configurations even more to be on a better footing when this pandemic finally lifts.CDS has made my business far more efficient and really helped grow it. With no contract, very reasonable monthly fees and proactive owners who care about their clients this is without doubt the best booking system around.

If you want to learn more about Drive Arrive visit the website

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Drive Arrive – Colin Bennett

“CDS is the best thing that happened to our business. At Falcon Chauffeurs Worldwide, our service portfolio is very versatile all around the world. We were really in need of a bookings management software that does not just manage our bookings but also provides us complete control over our business all around the world. We already had an amazing bookings software but that had its limitations. Our business development manager shortlisted 3 top software available in the market. After having a few meetings and online demonstrations we realised none of them were willing to bespoke the software to our requirements. Fortunately, I then came across CDS and as it goes, the rest is history. Gareth’s demonstration was really to the point. But what attracted us the most is his ability to quickly bespoke CDS. Gareth Developed a few new features that are fully bespoke to only our needs. With CDS we can track our chauffeurs live anywhere in the world. Our clients are assured with consistent email and text message updates generated automatically through CDS as the ride progresses. Our clients and their personal assistants can track our chauffeur live from anywhere in the world through the specific link provided or chauffeur app. Our clients have their own secured online portal, where they can keep a record of their bookings, make or add new bookings and view their invoices. We had to spend hours at generating Microsoft Excel dash boards to review the financial performance. Thanks to CDS, financial analysis reports are autogenerated with different types of charts for a timely, accurate and efficient data analysis. Our booking confirmation emails are personalised to our needs and our clients’ requirements. Our chauffeurs can sign in to their chauffeur app providing us a complete vehicle log every time, including vehicle mileage and photographs. Gareth and Denise have exceptional customer service. They are always available to help. Gareth was very kind to take several phone and video sessions to train us and personalise our CDS. Our system is so personalised that we feel our brand is embedded in CDS by default. During the covid-19 lockdown, Gareth has regularly held online training sessions. Looking forward to utilizing the Best Chauffeur Business management software to its full potential.”

If you want to learn more about Falcons Chauffeurs Worldwide visit the website

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Falcons Chauffeurs Worldwide – Sam Baig

Junction 21 Chauffeurs (When J21 met CDS)

During the Lockdown John from Junction 21 Chauffeurs takes the time to describe his path in becoming part of the CDS Family.

A dispatch system is just a dispatch system – OR IS IT?

My attention was first brought to Chauffeur Drive Systems (CDS) when 2 of their clients won awards at the annual QSI ceremony. At the time I already had a dispatch system, all be it, not cloud based.

My current system was more of a courier dispatch system, seems strange for a Chauffeur company to use, but I found it much better than the Taxi dispatch systems, which seemed more about getting from A to B in 9.9 seconds or so. These Taxi dispatch systems did seem to portray to offer Chauffeur companies a platform, but I found them just the same, A to B in 9.9 seconds but with the added benefit of the driver being in a suit.

Well, I made the move to CDS and I did find it a little better than my old system, then the lockdown began.

During the lockdown, the CDS team contacted me, and all the other companies using the system, to offer the opportunity to join a live online bootcamp, almost daily, including live questions & answers. Although I am usually a remarkably busy man, boredom was starting to creep in, so thought I would give it a go to fill in a bit of time.

Well, what do you know, I found out I was utilizing just a small % of what the system had to offer. The CDS team of Gareth, Denise, Mia, not forgetting Bonzo, had always offered 24 hour support by email, live online chat or phone, I just didn’t think I needed it, as the system was pretty straightforward in my mind.

Because the CDS system was inexpensive I had presumed that just carrying on doing what I was doing in the old system would be fine with the added benefit of being run in the cloud.

Boot Camp – Day 1

Must admit, I was a little overwhelmed at all the bells & whistles on offer, and got a little bit lost in the process, however, as the boot camp was recorded and uploaded to the CDS support page, I decided to go through it in slow motion that evening, pausing it frequently, as I tried to implement and activate some of the features.

10 weeks later

Although the list of features seemed endless, I have listed just a few of my favourites below.

Automated pricing – Many different ways to do so, can have different ways of pricing for different clients.

W3W (What 3 Words) – Implemented within the system for that difficult to find job.

General automation – Saves many hours every day which saves on admin costs.

Cost – Access to every single feature including add-ons for around £3 a day.

Client notifications – Too many notifications to mention, clients love them and helps keep them loyal.

Driver notifications – Again, many features to help both you & the driver deliver a controlled experience for the clients.

Driver app – For a smoother experience.

Passenger app – Helps them keep in control of their booking.

Client login portal – (My favourite & clients love it) Their bookings go directly into the dispatch system.

Weblink portal – Customers that find you on the web can book & pay in seconds, again this goes directly into the system.

Invoicing – Automated invoicing with many different invoice styles.

Partner network – Network with like minded users, making the process of covering work much easier.

Many more features available – Check them out at

Although Chauffeur Drive systems offer a great system and excellent support, we the Chauffeur companies are the ones that know our business inside out, CDS know this, so listen & implement any new ideas we may have, now that’s what I call a win win!

Summing up

No contract to sign, you even get to trial it for free.

If you are a Chauffeur company then this is for you. If CDS is to be your first dispatch system, I would recommend just starting with the basic features to get you up and running quickly, you can add the other features on at a later date, the plus side of doing this is they all come free, so no nasty add on costs.

For Chauffeur companies migrating from other dispatch software providers, you can easily add lots of the features in straight away and use all the support available for anything you need guidance with.

Many of the smaller Chauffeur companies with the driver being an owner driver and away from the office a great deal, as CDS is cloud based, you can make the most out of the system in your dead time to ensure the business grows. This way you do not have all the catching up to do when you get back, leaving more quality time at home.

The value of CDS can help you win new business and help retain your drivers & clients with all the features it offers. The value and time saving of using the system is more than justified, and all for around £3 a day.

As for Junction 21 Chauffeurs, we won business of the year at the Annual RB Awards, imagine what we can now achieve being part of the CDS team and imagine how it can help you, not just survive, but grow, by utilising their free marketing guidance.

To find out more about Junction21 visit the website

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John – J21 Chauffeurs

DS Executive Service was introduced to Chauffeur Drive System via the social media group Chauffeur Network. I have been using CDS for the past year and it has made a great difference to man hours and admin time. The ease of use on the system and support you get from Gareth and Denise is second to none.

Once you have all the details required for your clients in the system and adding new information with ease as you go along. Does save me time. My clients are delighted that they know who the driver is with a contact number for them each time. They also like the notification they get at each stage of the transfer.

If you want to learn more about DS Executive Service visit the website read more

logo DS executive user of online chauffeur dispatch software
Darren – DS Executive Service

After using an inferior system and swapping to CDS , the day to day running of the business has truly been transformed.

CDS offers a complete package for all aspects of running an Executive Chauffeur Service.

Efficient booking and controlling platform with slick options for invoicing, great communication options with partners and drivers alike and professional options for customers interactions.
The system seems to still be growing so hopefully will go from strength to strength.

Craig Guthrie
Network Executive Chauffeurs

If you want to learn more about Network Executive Chauffeurs visit the website read more

logo network executive chauffeurs user of online chauffeur dispatch software
Craig Guthrie – Network Executive Chauffeurs

Our Chauffeur business has been using bookings systems for a number of years, we were growing frustrated with the limited capabilities of the current systems and that they were either based around Taxi dispatch systems or static in an office. The chauffeur industry is very much different to the Taxi sector as the requirements are not based around auto dispatch, we require detail and need to add value to each booking and journey to support or level of service offered to the client. Many of us are drivers too so are away from the office a great deal, making the most of our dead time while out is key to ensure the business grows and importantly we get a life at home!

The fact CDS is in he cloud giving you access to the system on the move is key, allowing you to be productive and make the most of your time and make changes on demand to meet our clients expectations. The team at CDS are the difference though, from the start the level of support has been outstanding. From getting the system up and running to listening to new ideas and bring them into the system, you feel your ideas are listened to and more often than not added for the benefit of all. As the system grows the networking of the users is going to be a massive benefit allowing your partner network to grow with like minded users, making the process of covering work much easier.

The value CDS brings to our business has been instrumental in our growth over the last 3 years and we are confident it has won us new business but importantly given us the edge over others to retain current business which is important. Cost wise it is a no brainier, the value and time saving of using CDS is more than justified and we would be more than happy to discuss CDS with any potential users.

If you want to learn more about Aura Journeys visit the website read more

logo for Aura Journeys user of online chauffeur dispatch software
Nick Jackson-Smith – Aura Journeys

We have been in the chauffeuring industry for 17 years and in that time, we have tried a variety of different systems ranging from top of the market bespoke to the “cheap and cheerful ones” but we have found the CDS system best suited to our needs. It’s easy to use, has many possibilities for analysing and organising your data depending on how in- depth you want to go and is good value for money. Both Gareth and Denise are really approachable and are always available for any support or guidance. Overall, we have been really happy with the system, it has made our workflow more streamed and we are always discovering new things we can do with it. We at Vecta Chauffeur would highly recommend this system to anyone looking for an easy to use and well thought out system.

If you want to learn more about Vecta Chauffeur Services visit the website read more

Logo for Vecta chauffeur services user of online chauffeur dispatch software
Shakeel Kalyan – Vecta Chauffeur Services

“I am a great fan of what you are doing and your software. Your wonderful software goes from strength to strength, it is difficult to keep up with you guys most of the time!” at all. It is so great to be involved in the development.”

W L Sleigh Ltd was founded in 1974, and William Sleigh the owner, is the proud holder of Her Majesty the Queen’s Royal Warrant. In brief this means we assist the Royal Household transport requirement while the Queen, or her representatives are here in Scotland. The Company is a small family business that offers a very high quality personal service.

Technology is constantly changing, and becomes more and more capable. We have been using the system we had in place for many years, and it had served us very well, but was falling behind in the developments other software seemed to be offering. A chance phone call from Denise introduced us to Chauffeur drive Systems, and we have never looked back since. As a small company the service and help we get is second to none.

The system benefits are all good, but I would say the communication between our controller and the chauffeurs is wonderful, and the ease of getting invoices out quickly is obviously a great plus also, and I love the “Traffic Light System” of current hire statuses. ​

​I believe in using the technology our business will develop and grow.

To date we haven’t started using the client portal but can see the benefits it will bring. Even not using all the possibilities the system offers we are total sold on it.

The system is easy to use, and to master. And I feel 100% that we get good support and that it is good value.

If you want to learn more about WL Sleigh visit the website read more

Logo for WL Sleigh users of online chauffeur dispatch software
William Sleigh – W L Sleigh