DS Executive Service was introduced to Chauffeur Drive System via the social media group Chauffeur Network. I have been using CDS for the past year and it has made a great difference to man hours and admin time. The ease of use on the system and support you get from Gareth and Denise is second to none.

Once you have all the details required for your clients in the system and adding new information with ease as you go along. Does save me time. My clients are delighted that they know who the driver is with a contact number for them each time. They also like the notification they get at each stage of the transfer. read more

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Darren – DS Executive Service

After using an inferior system and swapping to CDS , the day to day running of the business has truly been transformed.

CDS offers a complete package for all aspects of running an Executive Chauffeur Service.

Efficient booking and controlling platform with slick options for invoicing, great communication options with partners and drivers alike and professional options for customers interactions.
The system seems to still be growing so hopefully will go from strength to strength.

Craig Guthrie
Network Executive Chauffeurs read more

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Craig Guthrie – Network Executive Chauffeurs

Our Chauffeur business has been using bookings systems for a number of years, we were growing frustrated with the limited capabilities of the current systems and that they were either based around Taxi dispatch systems or static in an office. The chauffeur industry is very much different to the Taxi sector as the requirements are not based around auto dispatch, we require detail and need to add value to each booking and journey to support or level of service offered to the client. Many of us are drivers too so are away from the office a great deal, making the most of our dead time while out is key to ensure the business grows and importantly we get a life at home!

The fact CDS is in he cloud giving you access to the system on the move is key, allowing you to be productive and make the most of your time and make changes on demand to meet our clients expectations. The team at CDS are the difference though, from the start the level of support has been outstanding. From getting the system up and running to listening to new ideas and bring them into the system, you feel your ideas are listened to and more often than not added for the benefit of all. As the system grows the networking of the users is going to be a massive benefit allowing your partner network to grow with like minded users, making the process of covering work much easier.

The value CDS brings to our business has been instrumental in our growth over the last 3 years and we are confident it has won us new business but importantly given us the edge over others to retain current business which is important. Cost wise it is a no brainier, the value and time saving of using CDS is more than justified and we would be more than happy to discuss CDS with any potential users read more

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Nick Jackson-Smith – Aura Journeys

We have been in the chauffeuring industry for 17 years and in that time, we have tried a variety of different systems ranging from top of the market bespoke to the “cheap and cheerful ones” but we have found the CDS system best suited to our needs. It’s easy to use, has many possibilities for analysing and organising your data depending on how in- depth you want to go and is good value for money. Both Gareth and Denise are really approachable and are always available for any support or guidance. Overall, we have been really happy with the system, it has made our workflow more streamed and we are always discovering new things we can do with it. We at Vecta Chauffeur would highly recommend this system to anyone looking for an easy to use and well thought out system. read more

Logo for Vecta chauffeur services user of online chauffeur dispatch software
Shakeel Kalyan – Vecta Chauffeur Services

“I am a great fan of what you are doing and your software. Your wonderful software goes from strength to strength, it is difficult to keep up with you guys most of the time!” at all. It is so great to be involved in the development.”

W L Sleigh Ltd was founded in 1974, and William Sleigh the owner, is the proud holder of Her Majesty the Queen’s Royal Warrant. In brief this means we assist the Royal Household transport requirement while the Queen, or her representatives are here in Scotland. The Company is a small family business that offers a very high quality personal service.

Technology is constantly changing, and becomes more and more capable. We have been using the system we had in place for many years, and it had served us very well, but was falling behind in the developments other software seemed to be offering. A chance phone call from Denise introduced us to Chauffeur drive Systems, and we have never looked back since. As a small company the service and help we get is second to none.

The system benefits are all good, but I would say the communication between our controller and the chauffeurs is wonderful, and the ease of getting invoices out quickly is obviously a great plus also, and I love the “Traffic Light System” of current hire statuses. ​

​I believe in using the technology our business will develop and grow.

To date we haven’t started using the client portal but can see the benefits it will bring. Even not using all the possibilities the system offers we are total sold on it.

The system is easy to use, and to master. And I feel 100% that we get good support and that it is good value. read more

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William Sleigh – W L Sleigh

Our company is only small with 10 Vehicles and we specialise in Airport Transfers and Executive Travel. A lot of my time was taken up typing out jobs, and invoicing on the computer. So I decided to look for a way to get my time and family time back, and decided to look around for a booking and dispatch system. After contacting several companies and having many demos I chose Chauffeur Drive Systems,

Why did I choose them, you may ask?

it’s a no brainier;

No contract,

Invoicing at the click of a button,

The system can be accessed by clients who can book for themselves,

Exceptional customer support,

Need I say more?

If you’re looking for a Booking & Dispatch System at a low cost, with fantastic customer support, that’s easy to use?


Mark Taylor
Managing Director
Airport & Executive Travel, Sheffield read more

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Mark Taylor – Airport & Executive Travel

“For me the most important thing is having someone at the end of the phone, who is always helpful and accommodating, can answer my questions in plain English and who I am confident in”.

As a small chauffeur firm based in Newcastle & Corbridge I was looking to move my company forward from the dark ages into the world of computerisation as to speak.

As anyone in the Chauffeur / Private Hire sector knows, your booking system is the heart of the business and the single most important piece of software that you’ll use, I had looked at other systems and by chance I received an email from Denise regarding Chauffeur Drive Systems which I had never heard of at the time. From the outset, Gareth and Denise couldn’t have been more helpful with their system which was a new development and I suppose in Gareth’s words I was the guinea pig, It seemed that I was constantly on the phone, saying ‘could you do this, or that…etc.’ not only did Gareth get back to me almost straight away, he would adapt, add and change things quickly to suit my needs.

With the ongoing development, and Gareth and Denise working with clients directly to determine their needs, I must say the functionality fits our needs perfectly. It has easy navigation, intuitive user interface and helps to keep much better time management. A hugely improved invoicing and payroll system has minimised booking or driver job allocation errors, and enhanced statistical reporting to our wide customer base. Allocating jobs to drivers now takes minutes, and in-operation changes are immediate delivering information directly to drivers Smart Phones. I am delighted to say that I now have a system that is clean and modern, very easy to use. For me the most important thing is having someone at the end of the phone, who is always helpful and accommodating, can answer my questions in plain English and who I am confident in.

Andrew Moore – Aspen Executive Newcastle read more

Logo for Aspen executive cars users of online chauffeur dispatch software
Andrew Moore – Aspen Executive Newcastle

Having outgrown our previous diary system, the move over to Chauffeur Drive Systems has greatly benefited our business; allowing us to streamline our whole booking process, save valuable time and increase efficiency, whilst still allowing plenty of room for growth. There are many features we didn’t even realise we needed but have proved to be fantastic additions for us! Our drivers find the job links and chauffeur portal easy to use and being able to allow clients to access their client portal has proved invaluable.

Gareth and Denise were both on hand to provide friendly, professional and knowledgeable advice whilst setting up and rolling out CDS (a seamless process!) and still check in regularly to ensure there are no problems or to let us know about any system updates. Importantly, they are also open to feedback from clients and are continuously incorporating new ideas to better their system.

We would highly recommend Chauffeur Drive Systems to anyone looking to upgrade to a comprehensive chauffeur system!

Carla – Ultimate Private Hire, Stirling, Scotland read more

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Carla – Ultimate Private Hire

We were a small Chauffeur company in Stevenage, using an online calendar. I knew I wanted a program that could mainly send automatic text messages to the client, so I started to investigate online and found Chauffeur Drive Systems, once I watched their online video I knew straight away this was the platform for us.

I contacted Gareth and we organised a 20 min demonstration appointment – That 20mins turned into 1hr 30mins because everything I asked, Gareth had a solution that was already built into the system. I soon realised how this would benefit me massively, to run the company a lot easier than it has been.

Our clients love it, Our Drivers love it. I love it !

Gareth and Denise are so helpful, any issues, any tuition they are at the end of the phone / Web message to help.

I would recommend this system to any chauffeur any Taxi company Big or small.

Automatic Text messages is just a small part of this system. Watch the Video and Call Chauffeur Drive now to get an online demonstration, you won’t regret it !

Thank you so much.

Mick Francis
Executive Cars Stevenage Ltd read more

Logo for Executive Cars Stevenage users of online chauffeur dispatch software
Mick Francis – Executive Cars Stevenage

“The only thing I can advise, is to call Gareth and let him show you the system, I have no doubt it will impress you, as it did me”

Established for 17 years, Chauffeur Services Direct is a corporate chauffeur company based in Worcester, targeting mainly corporate clientele. We have a fleet of 6 Mercedes vehicles but access to a large number nationwide.

We were using another booking system before moving over to Chauffeur Drive Systems, although we were happy with our previous system after talking to Gareth, we could instantly see the Chauffeur Drive System was a vast improvement on our current one. The passion Gareth had to make this system the best on the market was instantly apparent after the one hour online demonstration. The functionality, ease of use, and communication to clients was instantly noticeable in this system, plus, as Gareth was so passionate about the software, we could see the support and adaptability would be first class, this has been proven! For us the ease of use and adaptability were great selling points. As a chauffeur company we knew it would be a big task changing systems however we are so glad we did.

Our clients particularly love the portal, on which they can easily book and edit transfers or the more complex jobs, not only does it save the clients time, it saves our time in booking jobs onto the system. The communication either by text or email is of great benefit too, passengers know the progress of the driver and can even track the vehicle in real time, if they so wish. You need to spend a little time with them showing them how it works, although Gareth and Denise also provide a downloadable instruction brochure that you can give to them. But the time you save after doing this is massive. I believe that clients like to see companies investing in new tech, it shows we are forward thinking and trying to make their booking process as simple and as fast as possible. With competition from companies like Uber, we as operators need modern fresh looking booking systems to compete, gone are the days of carrying a paper diary with you.

As previously mentioned, with competition like Uber and Addison Lee to name a couple, the smaller operator must try to keep up with the modern way of booking. Sending bookings to drivers or subcontractors is just one mouse click with Chauffeur Drive Systems. Office staff can see instantly the progression of every job, pricing is made easy as the system can work out an hourly charge or mileage charge, or even a combination of both. Once you master the system it is both fast and easy, trust me! New features and updates come thick and fast to keep the system fresh and modern.

Support is just first class, both Gareth and Denise are just one click away, we have never had a question go unsolved. Chauffeur Drive Systems love their system and want it to work for every customer, both old and new. For the cost of the system and the fact you are not locked into a contract it is great value for money. The only thing I can advise is to call Gareth and let him show you the system, I have no doubt it will impress you, as it did me. It is a massive change for many companies I know but the extra functions, the portal bookings, the communication are all class leading. read more

Logo for Chauffeur Services Direct user of online chauffeur dispatch software
Dave Griffin – Chauffeur Services Direct