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The Chauffeur Network, when you want to expand your brand, and even Go Global!

Since this industry is very competitive, then you need to look beyond your horizons. With this in mind, we created CDS Connect, which is our driver affiliate network tool in our chauffeur system.

So using our chauffeur network allows you to reach out, in order to compete. Either with chauffeur partners, at home, or globally.

No Job Pool

Unlike so many of the private hire job sharing networks, that operate on a job pool, or first come, first served basis. The CDS chauffeur network is different.

Trusted Partners

So, In the CDS chauffeur network, you vet and develop trusted relationships with chauffeur partners.  So you create your own network, to expand your reach. 

Global Network

To illustrate how well the CDS chauffeur network works, to date, we have users in 20 countries that are passing work through CDS Connect.

Your potential for success has no limits.
- and no more geographical borders.

In addition, our chauffeur booking system gives you the tools to build a global chauffeur network, of your own personally selected, chauffeur partners. And this works, even if your chosen partners do not use CDS. 

More importantly, the CDS connect chauffeur network allows you to give the service that your client has grown to expect from you. Not only at home, but also wherever in the world they go, so your service travels with them.

In reality, building firm alliances between ground transportation companies is the only way to not only achieve scale but to cope with large contracts and events. And this is when the power of the chauffeur network can really be seen. 

To illustrate, in 2021 our strong UK chauffeur network worked brilliantly, for the COP26 in Glasgow, and the G7 summit in Cornwall. Not to mention, the huge yearly events where CDS Connect always plays a part, such as the Scottish Open and Wimbledon, 

– and this is just in the UK!

To put it simply, when you work with CDS Connect anything is possible.

cloud image for CDS cloud based chauffeur system

100% Cloud-based Chauffeur Network – 100% connectivity

As our chauffeur system is cloud-based, so managing your chauffeur network is easy.

Meaning you can not only jump onto any device, but at any location, and in multiple locations in different countries.  

And all without a download.

That is, you just need a laptop and Wi-Fi connection, and you have all the features and functionality to manage your chauffeur network.

cloud image for CDS cloud based chauffeur system

CDS chauffeur network - Features and functionality – 100% Global

Thanks to our cloud-based technology, this means that you can check on your business instantly. So you have total peace of mind.   

In a nutshell, with CDS Connect and our chauffeur software, staying in control of your business is easy.  Being able to monitor what is happening in your chauffeur network, from wherever you are, with the result that you catch issues before they become a problem.

In fact, we can even integrate your multiple companies and bases over different countries, all from one system interface. By using our chauffeur network, undoubtedly your business can expand, so what are you waiting for?

Whether they are CDS users or not?
No problem!!

So that you can work with companies that do not use the CDS chauffeur system. For this purpose, we have a web app, that is perfect for single or occasional use.  To stay connected with your chauffeur network, updated, and in control of your jobs, in every event. 

And given that there doesn’t have to be intrusive software to download onto your phone.  This is ideal for the occasional farm out of jobs to partners.

Furthermore, when using the CDS web App, not only do you still receive instant updates and communications but it also integrates in real-time on your system dashboard. At CDS we certainly think of everything, if it helps our users save time and expand.

Firstly, the CDS chauffeur network helps to build and strengthen relationships between your company, sub-contractors, and owner-drivers. Secondly, it helps build loyalty and retention with chauffeur drivers and partners.

Your branding stays with you!

So to help reduce the anxiety of losing clients to partners, when sharing work with your chauffeur network. Then get smart with CDS. 

Because all the communications relating to the job can leave the system automatically with your logos and brand livery. Then the client thinks it is your company fulfilling the job. Indeed, what better way to help build and keep trust between partners?

Of course, you could also use Number masking!

If you want to take further steps, so there is no contact between the client and the driver, outside the hire. Then you can allocate virtual numbers, that mask real numbers for the duration of the hire.

Thus the security of the driver and client’s personal data is guaranteed when using the CDS network. And this helps you comply with GDPR guidelines.

Multi-country – Multi-lingual – Multi-currency

Bookings anywhere in the world can integrate under one dashboard.  

 Not only does all communication leave the chauffeur system with  company logo but also their full formatting and branding.

Also, all client communications and booking portals can be set up in multiple languages, and multi-currency pricing.  This even carries through to invoicing.

CDS Connect - The Chauffeur Network

So you can use your chauffeur network of trusted and vetted professionals to cover big events and your excess work. Both CDS company to CDS company, but also CDS company to non CDS company. 

What’s more, when you pass jobs to one of your selected network of partners. Then all the client and driver communications and hire updates, happen automatically on your dashboard.

To sum up, the dashboard updates instantly, from your chauffeur network partners as the job progresses. And this is the case if the partner has the CDS chauffeur system or not.

Infinity Airport Services Limited
Bob Horman

"... with CDS Connect you are joining a family of like-minded individuals and companies nationwide. This allows you to satisfy your customers' requirements, even when journeys are being covered by your partners"

- for your clients

When you are doing a job for one of your partners, who is not on CDS.  Then we believe it is important that you can preserve their brand interest and identity. With this in mind, not only do all communications to your client have their brand logo, identity, and contact details. Moreover, this preserves your relationships with partner chauffeur companies, and helps to gain their trust.

Keeping control of your Pricing and invoicing

Another key point, so that the job owner can retain control of the hire. Either you work out the cost to the client and price to the partner, and lock it in.  Then pass it across to your partner in your chauffeur network, who then does the job for you. Or, you can give your partner the freedom to set the prices and you just add your margin. However, it is you who always invoices your client.

GNET – The International Chauffeur Network – farm in/farm out in our CDS chauffeur dispatch system.

By becoming part of the CDS community, you also get automatic access to GNET.

This is an international chauffeur network interface giving you access to ground transportation companies across the globe.

Currently 20+ of the worlds leading booking and dispatch systems have integrated GNET, used by 1300+ GNET member companies over 45 countries and 6 continents, expanding daily.

GNET is an independent network, neither a booking system or transportation service but just the glue giving a connection channel between companies internationally, for the transference of data.


Firstly, register with GNET yourself, and once registered then a provider can select from the member companies on their chauffeur network in GNet, to provide the same travel experience to their clients worldwide. And you pay a small fee for every job that goes through, directly to GNET.

Pay per job

So what is great is that you need no extra investment or outlay – and you only pay a small fee per job.

Automated systems

CDS is Integrated fully with the GNet chauffeur network interface. So the management, booking, and editing of jobs are automatic. And all the automatic passenger and driver communications go out the same as within our CDS system.

Geolocation services

Even the vehicle location and trip status are all automatically synced on the CDS dashboard, for both sides of the transaction, and in real time.

CDS Integration

Also, the quotes and reservations when you use GNet, are directly integrated between your CDS system and the other side partnering dispatch software system.


Lastly, the additional associated charges are automatically communicated when the job is complete.

Are you Ready to save time, win new clients, go global, and also like the sound of our chauffeur network?

Because the best way to learn what Chauffeur drive systems can do for your business is to see it in action, so why not give us a call?