“The only thing I can advise is to call Gareth and let him show you the system, I have no doubt it will impress you, as it did me”

Established for 17 years, Chauffeur Services Direct is a corporate chauffeur company based in Worcester, targeting mainly corporate clientele. We have a fleet of 6 Mercedes vehicles but access to a large number nationwide.

We were using another booking system before moving over to Chauffeur Drive Systems, although we were happy with our previous system after talking to Gareth, we could instantly see the Chauffeur Drive System was a vast improvement on our current one. The passion Gareth had to make this system the best on the market was instantly apparent after the one-hour online demonstration. The functionality, ease of use, and communication to clients were instantly noticeable in this system, plus, as Gareth was so passionate about the software, we could see the support and adaptability would be first class, this has been proven! For us, the ease of use and adaptability were great selling points. As a chauffeur company, we knew it would be a big task changing systems however we are so glad we did.

Our clients particularly love the portal, on which they can easily book and edit transfers or the more complex jobs, not only does it save the clients time, it saves our time in booking jobs onto the system. Communication either by text or email is of great benefit too, passengers know the progress of the driver and can even track the vehicle in real-time if they so wish. You need to spend a little time with them showing them how it works, although Gareth and Denise also provide a downloadable instruction brochure that you can give to them. But the time you save after doing this is massive. I believe that clients like to see companies investing in new tech, it shows we are forward-thinking and trying to make their booking process as simple and as fast as possible. With competition from companies like Uber, we as operators need modern fresh looking booking systems to compete, gone are the days of carrying a paper diary with you.

As previously mentioned, with competition like Uber and Addison Lee to name a couple, the smaller operator must try to keep up with the modern way of booking. Sending bookings to drivers or subcontractors is just one mouse click with Chauffeur Drive Systems. Office staff can see instantly the progression of every job, pricing is made easy as the system can work out an hourly charge or mileage charge, or even a combination of both. Once you master the system it is both fast and easy, trust me! New features and updates come thick and fast to keep the system fresh and modern.

Support is just first class, both Gareth and Denise are just one click away, and we have never had a question go unsolved. Chauffeur Drive Systems love its system and want it to work for every customer, both old and new. For the cost of the system and the fact you are not locked into a contract, it is great value for money. The only thing I can advise is to call Gareth and let him show you the system, I have no doubt it will impress you, as it did me. It is a massive change for many companies I know but the extra functions, the portal bookings, and the communication are all class-leading.

Dave Griffin

Chauffeur Services Direct​