Junction 21 Chauffeurs (When J21 met CDS)

During the Lockdown John from Junction 21 Chauffeurs takes the time to describe his path to becoming part of the CDS Family.

A dispatch system is just a dispatch system – OR IS IT?

My attention was first brought to Chauffeur Drive Systems (CDS) when 2 of their clients won awards at the annual QSI ceremony. At the time I already had a dispatch system, all be it, not cloud-based.

My current system was more of a courier dispatch system, which seems strange for a Chauffeur company to use, but I found it much better than the Taxi dispatch systems, which seemed more about getting from A to B in 9.9 seconds or so. These Taxi dispatch systems did seem to portray to offer Chauffeur companies a platform, but I found them just the same, A to B in 9.9 seconds but with the added benefit of the driver being in a suit.

Well, I made the move to CDS and I did find it a little better than my old system, then the lockdown began.

During the lockdown, the CDS team contacted me, and all the other companies using the system, to offer the opportunity to join a live online boot camp, almost daily, including live questions & answers. Although I am usually a remarkably busy man, boredom was starting to creep in, so thought I would give it a go to fill in a bit of time.

Well, what do you know, I found out I was utilizing just a small % of what the system had to offer. The CDS team of Gareth, Denise, and Mia, and not forgetting Bonzo, had always offered 24-hour support by email, live online chat, or phone, I just didn’t think I needed it, as the system was pretty straightforward in my mind.

Because the CDS system was inexpensive I had presumed that just carrying on doing what I was doing in the old system would be fine with the added benefit of being run in the cloud.

Boot Camp – Day 1

I must admit, I was a little overwhelmed by all the bells & whistles on offer, and got a little bit lost in the process.  However, as the boot camp was recorded and uploaded to the CDS support page, I decided to go through it in slow motion that evening. I paused it often, and so giving me time to implement and activate some of the features.

10 weeks later

Although the list of features seemed endless, I have listed just a few of my favorites below.

Automated pricing – Many different ways to do so, can have different ways of pricing for different clients.

W3W (What 3 Words) – Implemented within the system for that difficult-to-find job.

General automation – Saves many hours every day which saves on admin costs.

Cost – Access to every single feature including add-ons for around £3 a day.

Client notifications – Too many notifications to mention, clients love them, and helps keep them loyal.

Driver notifications – Again, many features help both you & the driver deliver a controlled experience for the clients.

Driver app – For a smoother experience.

Passenger app – Helps them keep control of their booking.

Client login portal – (My favorite & clients love it) Their bookings go directly into the dispatch system.

Weblink portal – Customers that find you on the web can book & pay in seconds, again this goes directly into the system.

Invoicing – Automated invoicing with many different invoice styles.

Partner network – Network with like-minded users, making the process of covering work much easier.

Many more features are available – Check them out at https://www.chauffeurdrivesystems.com/

Although Chauffeur Drive Systems offer a great system and excellent support, we the chauffeur companies are the ones that know our business inside out, CDS knows this, so listen & implement any new ideas we may have, now that’s what I call a win!

Summing up

No contract to sign, you even get to try it for free, with the 3-month free trial.

If you are a chauffeur company then this is for you. If CDS is to be your first dispatch system, I would recommend just starting with the basic features to get you up and running quickly, you can add the other features at a later date, the plus side of doing this is they all come free, so no nasty add on costs.

For chauffeur companies migrating from other dispatch software providers, you can easily add lots of features straight away and use all the support available for anything you need guidance with.

Many of the smaller chauffeur companies with the driver being an owner driver and away from the office a great deal, as CDS is cloud-based, you can make the most out of the system in your dead time to ensure the business grows. This way you do not have all the catching up to do when you get back, leaving more quality time at home.

The value of CDS can help you win new business and help retain your drivers & clients with all the features it offers. The value and time saving of using the system is more than justified, and all for around £3 a day.

As for Junction 21 Chauffeurs, we won the business of the year at the Annual RB Awards, imagine what we can now achieve being part of the CDS team and imagine how it can help you, not just survive, but grow, by utilising their free marketing guidance.


J21 Chauffeurs