“We have been in the chauffeuring industry for 17 years and in that time, we have tried a variety of different systems ranging from top-of-the-market, bespoke to the “cheap and cheerful ones” but we have found the CDS system best suited to our needs.

It’s easy to use, has many possibilities for analysing and organising your data depending on how in-depth you want to go, and is good value for money. Both Gareth and Denise are really approachable and are always available for any support or guidance. Overall, we have been really happy with the system, it has made our workflow more streamed and we are always discovering new things we can do with it. We at Vecta would highly recommend this system to anyone looking for an easy-to-use and well-thought-out system.

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Shakeel Kalyan

Vecta Chauffeur Services